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Dear Sir,

I can not download to an E drive disk anything from any of your websites, or any FEDORA 
websites.  Either I get a message that the file or volume can not be found,  or  the volume 
does not contain a recognized file system.  Can it be that ALL of those files and volumes 
are corrupted?

I want to download a  LINUX  BOOT  DISK,    PRE-MADE  and  ready to go,   that will also
operate on Windows 7  64 bit Op System of a VAIO -  VPCEG model -  laptop;  
in order to boot up the data recovery or data backup function,   before sending it to Sony
Repair Center in Loredo, Texas,  where it is still under warranty.   For privacy concerns all 
personal data will be erased before the shipment.

I will pay up to $150 for the DVD  software,  if it is not available for free.   
Regular data recovery software that was downloaded did not work.  Windows data recovery 
software most likely will not work.  A computer instructor advised that I go around the problematic
Windows OS using Linux, which took him 6 hours to create.  Making one is NOT an option for me.

I have brand new recovery disks, set of 7, from Sony and a flash drive that has the same information which
I got from the computer itself.   The ASSIST  button is worthless.  And nothing will boot up the system. 
F1, F2, F3, F8, F10 work up to a point, then revert back to original message:
            I/O error 0xc00000e9 being caused by unplugging ext. storage device while in
            use  (that was not the case),  or faulty hardware or CD-ROM that is failing.  

The last things before the problem was the icons on the desktop were moving around on their own 
and then the power was turned off.  That is it.  The optical disk appears to be reading data,
the extended memory test (F3) succeeded,  the boot priority  (F2)  is correct.  However,  
No way can I get to F11 or the recovery page.   I do have access to another computer with internet access.

April 22,  2012                                                                                    P  FAZZINI

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