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Hi, I'm not really a member of the Fedora community, but as I was
touring the site while my download finished I noticed a few errors.  I
found this error at
and decided to point it out.

"Gimp Image Editor
The Gimp is fully-featured and bitmap image editor. Simply use it for
simple image cropping, resizing, and red-eye correction, or explore
its powerful advanced photo manipulation, digital painting, animation,
and special effects capabilities.

Learn more about Gimp and find tutorials and more at the Gimp homepage."

There's an article, "a,"  missing in the first sentence describing
gimp, making the sentence grammatically incorrect.  The "and" also
doesn't make much sense there either, as fully-featured isn't really
an exclusive characteristic to bitmap, although it could stay if you
don't agree, don't care, or see both "fully-featured" and "bitmap" to
be modifying "image editor" in a way that is more effective when done
separate.  Either way, the sentence "The Gimp is fully-featured and
bitmap image editor." doesn't read as well as the more correct "The
Gimp is *a* fully-featured bitmap image editor."

Also, as a side-note, repeating derivatives of "simple" in the second
sentence isn't really effective, and somewhat redundant.  If it is
simple then it's use is implied to be done simply. It would be a bit
like saying "I was angry as I walked angrily away."  It's a bit
redundant, even if it is possible to defend angrily walking as being
different and distinct from being angry.  Cutting either "Simply" or
"simple" from the sentence increases it's effectiveness, I think.

In any event, just thought I'd point it out.  Hopefully this ends up
going to the correct channel.  It doesn't need correcting, it just
might stay wrong if it isn't.

Like the color theme and layout, and yum and rpm have improved since
the last time I played with Fedora.  Keep up the good work.
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