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On Thu, Feb 02, 2012 at 12:07:09AM +0100, trialero wrote:
> hi,
> I wonder why google is the search engine used on the default browser start page
> following the news there are frequent messages about google being not so free, tracking your searches, combining your data without opt-out, stealing mail and passwords from privately owned wifi all over the world (was it a bug or must-have feature for maps?).
> IMHO this is in contrast to the Fedora philosophy of Freedom. Fedora repos do not include software with non-free licenses but links to a non free search engine company the same time...
> any ideas?
> why not point to a more free alternative search engine like
The Fedora Board recently discussed duckduckgo.  We found that duckduckgo is
not more free (in terms of free software) than google.

It does have a privacy policy that is more stringent about the data that
duckduckgo keeps than the data that google keeps, though.  With no current
open source search engine, the Board decided that the website team could
decide for itself what search technology to use to implement start.fp.o
(which I see you are raising here, in the appropriate list :-)


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