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On Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 10:42:46PM +0100, Kévin Raymond wrote:
> @infra, bellow is a request about the FAS, is OpenID displayed somewhere?
> > Hi Kévin,
> > Although it is not a website team issue (you are right), since we are on
> > the subject: you may call me blind, but i don't see an openbox
> > OpenID-login opportunity at, only clickable icons
> > of above mentioned services/sites. Probably my bad, but where do i enter
> > my fedora OpenID?
> You probably need JS enabled.
> On the login page, click on the OpenID box (orange logo), that will
> display the textarea for you to inter your openID url.
> > Website team (FAS) related:
> Not really, FAS is an infra webapp :)
> But if I know the answer, I don't mind to answer here.
> >
> > I did noticed OpenID translationstrings while translating FAS indeed.
> > Logged in at FAS however I could not find any of those strings in the
> > 'active' FAS website, and knowing FAS is still being optimized, assumed
> > it was a not yet activated feature.
> Same for me, I've translated it and still don't know where to look for the info…
> The wiki page could help:
> > Shouldn't the users fedoraproject OpenID-identity be mentioned at FAS
> > 'Account Details'? Just to keep stupid people like me from making stupid
> > remarks?
> I agree, it is hidden for me too, Infra CC-ed
Hmm... the openid provider was originally coded by someone else and then
merged in so it's possible it's not doing the right thing.  If you can give
me a string that's not being translated, I can try to identify which bit of
code is not working.


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