Re: Please test: patch that makes the build script work in parallel, improves build time

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On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 11:03 AM, Elad <> wrote:
> These patches[1][2] makes it possible to run our build script with the
> -j parameter, which makes it use more then one process and thus
> improves build time on multi-core systems.
> to test, run make -j2 make -j3 or make -j4 (the number is the number
> of allowed jobs, shouldn't be higher then your number of cores). don't
> run it with -j without a number, because it will run as many jobs as
> it can, resulting your machine to become un-responsive until the build
> is complete (that's was the result on my machine, might differ on
> others).
> Also it won't affect if you are building single language, it only
> improves speed if you build two or more.
> The second patch fixes a bug that Sijis discovered yesterday with the
> first patch, related to RSS caching.
> Don't forget to run make clean before you test.
> I won't push it before it gets tested properly. One of the reason it
> requires a lot of testing is that I don't know python and this is the
> first time I'm editing Makefiles, so I probably did some mistakes.
> During my attempts to fix that bug, I discovered that there is a
> forgotten test file, that
> pulls the redhat magazine feed, which takes long to download (longer
> than the fedora feeds). As we don't really use this feed, I suggest
> deleting this file for more speed improvements.
> [1]
> [2]
> --
> -Elad.
Okay, I've finished fixing all build scripts for this, 10 commits total.
Tarball for easy downloading:
A folder in my fedorapeople space, contains all patches for easy

Please test.
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