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On 23.04.2013 09:44, jf@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Ok then. 
> I did a little more testing, and Dave supplied a hint about kmail.
> As far as I know Thunderbird will only open and display a message file
> passed on the command line if the file name has a ".eml" extension.
> When you get a Recoll message result which is part of an mbox folder, which
> would be the case if the message is actually held in the Thunderbird
> profile, or also if it is found inside another "mbox" format file, and when
> you click "Open" on it, Recoll creates a ".eml" temporary file and starts
> Thunderbird on it (through xdg-open), ** which is, I think, why you see
> things working ** (I'd be delighted to be wrong).
> But, if the message is held in a single-message file inside an MH or
> Maildir directory, (in general without a .eml extension), Recoll will have
> no reason to create a temporary file, and it will execute
> xdg-open/Thunderbird directly on it. I could find no way to get Thunderbird
> to behave in this situation (it will usually start in 'Compose' mode, with
> the message as a text attachment). 

Yup, if the 'Tbird' isn't already started, a temporary "*.eml" gets created:
/usr/lib64/thunderbird/thunderbird /tmp/foobar.eml

*But* it doesn't matter which messages storing format is used. :)
*Both* supported storing *formats* do *work* like a charm.

Default - flat messages storing format - berkeley *mailbox*[1]:
User set - tree messages storing format - *maildir*[2]:

MH (Message Handler) is beyond the scope - for the 'Tbird'. ;)

> There is a reasonably simple workaround using an intermediary script to
> create a temp file, it is described here:
> Dave showed me that kmail was able to do the right thing in this situation,
> using the --view option. You can set this up by adding message/rfc822 to
> the non-desktop mime type exceptions in the Recoll preferences and setting
> up "kmail --view %u" as the message/rfc822 viewer.
> I would **love** to find a simple mail client which could display any
> message/rfc822 file or mail folder passed on the command line, but this
> does not seem to really exist. Kmail does the job, but it comes with the
> whole akonadi/nepomuk baggage, which is a bit much for people who are not
> using KDE already.



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