Re: openjdk with fedora 18/firefox 19

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Am 23.02.2013 18:22, schrieb Timothy Murphy:
> Reindl Harald wrote:
>>> Is there an openjdk JRE plugin for Firefox 19 under Fedora 18?
>>> Or have I misunderstood Firefox setup in some way?
>>> All the test programs to see if Java is working
>>> (eg
>>> seem to look for Sun Java
>> "icedtea-web" is the package with the plugin
> Thanks very much.
> I had forgotten that.
> But wouldn't it be simpler for this to appear among the openjdk packages?
> Or even as a dependency?


virtually nobody needs the browser-plugin and if you read
the security news of the last few months it would be a
dmaned bad idea to install this crap on every computer
as dependency because it is a useless security hole

dependencies are there to make sure packages have all they
need installed any ANY DEPENDENCY which pulls more than
needed is simply broken because it would it make impossible
to have setups like mine below where the OS needs 6.3 GB
while VMware Workstation and ZendStudio are 1.5 GB from this
and so my Fedora itself needs 4.8 GB - guess how fast dist
upgrades on my machines are running and why they have no
dependencie-problems since years....................

/dev/md1       ext4   29G    6,3G   23G   22% /
/dev/md0       ext4  485M     38M  447M    8% /boot
/dev/md2       ext4  3,6T    1,7T  2,0T   46% /mnt/data

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