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Right now, my desktop computer is getting a brain transplant. Alas, the nVidia graphics card I've been using won't fit, and the new card is neither ATI nor nVidia. Now, I know that once it's up and running I can use either yum or yumex to get rid of all the nVidia cruft, but that's not what I need to know.

What I want to find out is what, if anything, I'll need to do to get it booting properly in the first place, as the kernel lines in /boot/grub2/grub.cfg all refer to kmod-nvidia. (At least, I think they do, but I can't exactly check right now.) Is there anything special I'll need to do, either at boot or later to tidy this up?

Last night, I asked this question on the fedoraforum because I know that there are people there who know about this. Alas, all I'm getting is responses telling me how to switch from kmod-nvidia to nouveau, which doesn't help me at all.
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