Re: Failed Migration to Linux

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On 08/13/2012 08:26 PM, Mike Flannigan wrote:

On the home network thing, what exactly do you need a way to browse
the Windows machines on your network?I have mine setup, but I tell
you, I never use it.  Granted, I'm more of a keyboard monkey, but
virtually every method of file access I need between windows and linux
is done with a CLI, even if it's wrapped inside a GUI.

I need to be able to see the other computer folders, copy file
to and from the computers, do Winpop-like IM messaging, etc.
I backup one machine to the other - sometimes with the GUI and
often times with Perl scripts or batch files.

I'm no expert on command line interfacing, but I do a lot of
perl programming and execution via the command line.  I always
have one or two terminal boxes running.

I will contact you when I get going on Linux again - probably
through this list.  I sure appreciate the offer for help.

Whenever you are ready, I'll be glad to help.  On or offlist.

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