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Mike Flannigan wrote:
> FYI, my 3rd attempt to go to Linux failed.  Ubuntu
> didn't get anywhere - the startup install screen
> would not show, just a blank screen.  Tried 32 bit
> and 64 bit - same failure.
> Fedora 17 64 bit installed just fine.  After updates I
> got the "GPU-lockup - switching to software fbcon" problem.
> I think I fixed that in an OS reinstallation with a lot of
> work involving installing nvidia drivers.

What is the "GPU-lockup - switching to software fbcon" problem?

> The main problem was no local home network connection
> (unable to mount location).  I had internet connection
> (unlike the previous time I tried to move to Linux), but
> no home network.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure
> it out, but no luck.  Maybe next time.

Why do you give us vague descriptions of a network problem? What does
"no home network" mean?

> All this was on a brand new machine.

It's hard for any OS to support brand new hardware that may have bugs in
the hardware itself or not be fully supported with specifications about
how the hardware works. Linux is not the "bad guy" here.

> I'm back to Windows 7 for now.  At least it works (sort of).
> It sure was painful giving MS $100.

..and you had to install drivers for all your hardware to be fully
recognized. Windows is not the "good guy" in your situation.

This looks like your very first post to this mailing list. I'm not sure
why you think writing a one-off rant on here will solve your problem. If
you want to get Linux installed you should post a detailed account about
the problems you are having to this list and we can help figure it out

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