Re: udisks2: "Error updating SMART data"

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On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Tim <ignored_mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 2012-08-07 at 07:34 -0700, Richard Vickery wrote:
> I wish someone would tell this to the thread I created called vmlinuz:
> the "sadly no response" is why I created the treads vmlinuz  and one
> other; it is the realisation that these fine people who are having the
> problems might not get any help.

a) It's not immediately obvious why the message you're replying to
relates to those threads.

b) *You* can be *that* someone who replies in the other threads, saying
that they might want to check out these other threads (and mention the
subject line that identifies them, or provide a web link to the
archives, or copy and paste pertinent information), when you think that
another thread that you know about offers useful information to the

c) If you're trying to provide assistance to a thread, it's not actually
helpful to create a new, and separate, thread.

To "c)",  I must ask, how is a thread to get to get attention if, seemingly, everyone ignores it, when the answer is clearly - from my point of view - out here, yet no one will respond? My purpose in both cases was to get a wider audience and I succeeded. I may have caused some inconvenience between myself and the rest of this community, but I succeeded in drawing help to those who were asking where no one would have before.

About point "b)", I don't think that those in a thread would listened listen to what I have to say. . . it is best if others do it. I don't cooperate well with those who refuse to see my point of view. 

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