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Thank for the suggestion.
However, the problem is that
yum (on the "fast host") check that the package for nstallation, update or reinstallation.

So I did not find a way to down load on the fast host the package for another
distribution, like a i686 from a host x86_64.
Can I force yum to not check.
Maybe I should use rpm?

At home I have a slow internet connection,  Thus, I would like to
prepare an update but only download the packages to another
machine and then copy the file on a stick to make the update from
the stick.

How can I do it?


I update my laptop at work and rsync to other machines when I get home.
Here's a variation on that:

... On fasthost, modify /etc/yum.conf to set keepcache=1.
... If you've not set keepcache before, then you may still end up downloading ... dependencies (to slowhost) not kept on fasthost from previous runs.

fasthost# yum install/update [ --downloadonly ] THE-PACKAGES-I-WANT
fasthost# rsync -avP --include='*/' --include='*rpm' --exclude='*'
/var/cache/yum/ /media/STICK/yum/

... go home ...

slowhost# (edit /etc/yum.conf to set keepcache=1)
slowhost# rsync -avP /media/STICK/yum/ /var/cache/yum/
slowhost# yum update/install

This will only copy the RPMs; yum will still download metadata (see
yum.conf for "metadata_expire").

... optionally, rsync RPMs back to STICK, then back to fasthost

 Patrick DUPRÉ                |   |  email: pdupre@xxxxxxxxxx

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