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On 08/07/2012 06:17 PM, Ed Greshko wrote:
> On 08/08/2012 05:43 AM, Ian Malone wrote:
>> Funnily enough downloading a 3.6GB ISO to answer a simple
question isn't normally my first response. Someone must know the
answer. In any case if the images are the same as you say (you've
done this yourself?) it's not going to tell me what the difference
is. Or indeed that there's any difference, and then the only way to
test that is to burn them image and try it. Which still doesn't
explain what's going on.
> Sorry to say that downloading 4GB of stuff to answer simple
questions is often *my* first inclination. Only because I enjoy
getting my hands dirty and finding things out for myself. Another
reason for doing it myself is actually covered in your paragraph
above. You've asked "you've done this yourself?". Sometimes, when I
see answers here, I ask myself the same question.
> So, yes.... I've done it myself. Because I feel "more" certain
when I do the work myself...
> /dev/loop0 619126 619126 0 100% /mnt/iso (LiveCD)
> /dev/loop1 3717164 3717164 0 100% /mnt/iso2 (DVD)
> /dev/loop2 603008 603008 0 100% /mnt/sq (LiveCD squashfs.img)
> FWIW, you *don't* need to burn the image. Like I said, you loop
mount it.
I cheat - I use Midnight Commander (mc) to open the image. Also,
instead of downloading the DVD image, you could have downloaded the
net-install image. But I guess that one could have been different...

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