boot: linux text => "Could not find kernel image: linux"

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Me confused. I want to try booting the FC17 install disk in lowres or
text mode. To do this, apparently I should enter "linux lowres" or
"linux text" at the "boot prompt".

The fc17 install guide
says, "To use boot options, enter linux option at the boot: prompt. To
access the boot: prompt on a system that displays a graphical boot
screen, press the Esc key while the graphical boot screen is
displayed. "

If I hit esc before the "fedora 17 will boot in 10 seconds" screen, or
while that is visible, I get what seems like a boot prompt - at the
top of the screen it says "boot:" and I am able to type in "linux
text". But when I hit enter, it replies "Could not find kernel image:

If I hit esc later than that, during the pretty screen with the line
crawling along the bottom, it just switches from that view to the log
from starting daemons.

Can someone please tell me how to get into text mode? What did I do wrong?
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