Re: Fedora 17 cannot boot on my pc...

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Στις 1/8/2012 23:24, ο/η Heinz Diehl έγραψε:
On 01.08.2012, Georgios Petasis wrote:

This sounds too difficult for me. I played with the bios settings, and I
found out that the freeze happens when the option "AMD C1E" is enabled in
the BIOS. If C1E is disabled, I don't need the acpi=off to get Linux to
boot. And this time the pc can be turned off during shutdown.

Boot with "acpi_skip_timer_override" and C1E turned on in BIOS.

Thanks for the tip, I search for this option and seems to relate to nvidia nforce 2 chipsets, but I also
get a lot of references for gigabyte boards, i.e.:

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