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Στις 31/7/2012 21:38, ο/η Roberto Ragusa έγραψε:
On 07/31/2012 12:20 PM, Georgios Petasis wrote:
Hi all,

I am facing a problem booting Fedora 17: the pc freezes unless I use "acpi=off" in kernel parameters, in grub.
If I use acpi=off, fedora boots and works ok, but cannot power off the pc after a shutdown.

How can I solve this issue?
So you have to choose: either you can power on or you can power off. :-)

More seriously, I suppose your Fedora already has all the updates,
Yes, it has all the updates. Actually the problem started when I upgraded from Fedora 15 to Fedora 16. Fedora 16 could not boot, unless I use acpi=off. And this simply continued to Fedora 17.
  is there
any BIOS update available for your pc?
Unfortunately no. My board is a gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H ( I have contacted gigabyte for a BIOS update (saying to them that there is a bug in the ACPI section of their BIOS), but I am getting irrelevant answers, like using linux drivers from the vendors of the board parts, or removing the BIOS battery and "loading failsafe defaults".
I suppose they don't want to fix the BIOS.

Do you have any hints about where the problem could be? (try removing "rhgb", "quiet"
and so on from the grub command line so you can see all the kernel output).
Unfortunately, the kernel freezes at the very begging of the boot process.

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