Re: Check your /etc/default/grub, if you use raid 1.

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Am 29.07.2012 16:42, schrieb Sam Varshavchik:
> And, fail/remove/add did not resync the drive. Because the volume uses an internal bitmap: oh, the newly-added
> drive has a valid bitmap, apparently from the same volume, so let's add this drive without resyncing it!
> That, I think is a bug. Failing a drive should zero its superblock, to force a real resync if it gets added back to
> the array.

no, no and no!
if you have some mechanic problems that could end in zero the superblocks of all disks

in my last tests with a RAID1 i pulled the power from one SATA disk
and after reboot i was not able to re-add the drive before manually
zero the superblock which is the right behavior

this was some months ago and played with both physical drives
(pull, reboot, zero, re-add, resync)

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