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2012/7/16 jdow <jdow@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 2012/07/16 04:55, Paweł Brodacki wrote:
>> In short: Works as designed. You may try to disable devices you do not
>> use to salvage some address space, but you won't reach 4096 MB
>> available.
> This is well known issue. The missing space is occupied by the page table
> index. When pages are 4k in size you need a lot of table entries to describe
> a full 4 gigabytes, like a million of them. Linux seems to have optimized
> this a little. Windows loses a bit more memory, if I recall correctly.

Can't be so. I had this same system with an MSI Motherboard and I saw
almost all the 4Gb I had before. Now I change the Motherboard,
procesor amd memory (still 4Gb) and I get this. It's not a problem
with how Linux reads memory.

Looks more like I have 500Mb used for video. :-(

Worst part is I still don't now how to lower it. Couldn't find
anything in the BIOS settings.

Martín Marqués
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DBA, Programador, Administrador
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