Re: "best practices" for using a small SSD boot drive and a big regular one?

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On 13.07.2012, Robert P. J. Day wrote: 

>   anyway, is there a doc that gives one advice about a sane
> partitioning?

None that I'm aware of. Peoples needs are different.
I would consider having


on the SSD. 500M is enough for /boot, swap should at least be the size
of your installed memory if you want to use hibernation, and the rest
goes to the root partition. I would place /home on the second disk.
Don't forget to activate trim-support in /etc/fstab ("discard") and to
switch the standard cfq scheduler to "noop" for the SSD. Around 100 GB
for / is plenty enough space to hold a few git-trees.

I'm not a big fan of SSD harddisks at all, so there are for shure
others here on the list which maybe could give you better advice.

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