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Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Mono will be automatically downloaded by wine if you uninstall wine-mono
> as stated in my previous reply to the OP. You cannot avoid having Mono
> on your system with Wine.

I’m sorry, I don’t think you are correct. A quick Google gave me, which says:
    I’m expecting that Wine 1.5.6 will install Wine Mono automatically
    as needed. It will search for the MSI in the following locations:

        * The Unix directory stored in the “MonoCabDir” value at
        * /usr/share/wine/mono, or possibly some substitution for /usr
          if Wine was installed to a different location.
        * wine_build_directory/../mono, if Wine is being run from
          a build tree.

        * Download from

Note that “as needed”. If you don’t run any .NET applications, then this
document implies that yes, it is quite possible not to have Mono on your
system with Wine.

So I tried it. I installed wine-core.i686, wine-wow.i686, and ran the
Windows Firefox installer. It prompted me:
    Wine cannot find a Mono package which is needed for .NET
    applications to work correctly. Wine can automatically download and
    install it for you.

    Note: it is recommended to use your distribution’s packages instead.
    See for detail
and gave me “Cancel” and “Install” buttons.

Clicking “Cancel” got me to a similar Gecko prompt. Clicking Cancel to
that started the Firefox installer (instantly: no pauses for downloads),
and if it *has* downloaded Mono, I’ve no idea where it put it.


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