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Am 11.07.2012 12:08, schrieb Mateusz Marzantowicz:
> On 11.07.2012 11:57, Dario Lesca wrote:
>> How to use wine without get mono (44Mb of wine-mono)?
>> Today I check update and I see this:
>>> Installing for dependencies:
>>>  wine-filesystem  noarch 1.5.8-1.fc17 updates 68 k
>>>  wine-mono        noarch 0.0.4-7.fc17 updates 44 M
>> I do not want MONO!
>> I do not use MONO (the MS's trojan horse) on my PCs and Servers, then,
>> I'm sorry: while this dependence exist I cannot update Wine.
> Try to be more pragmatic not religious and hypocritical when talking
> about software. Why are you using Wine in the first place if you hate M$
> trojans so much? Maybe to emulate M$ trojan environment to run evil
> Windows apps? So you condemn Mono but have no problem in running other
> Windows software?

that is NOT the point

look at how large mono with it deps is!
there are people trying to hold there systems tiny

/dev/md1       ext4       30G    7,0G   23G   24% /

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