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On 10/07/12 17:37, Steven Stern types:
On 07/10/2012 04:28 PM, Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA wrote:
    This is F-17/64 bit.

    The dd-wrt router assigns dhcp addresses on our LAN. However this
    computer, if I let NetworkManager assign an address via
    dhcp it insists on assigning, the next unused dhcp
    address no matter what I enter under NM edit Automatic. If I go to
    NM edit and assign the address as Manual it becomes as
    expected. Obviously the simple solution is to stay with the latter case.

    My question then is, is this to be expected due to two dhcp servers
    trying to assign an address, or am I doing something wrong?.

Having two DHCP servers with overlapping IP ranges is A Bad Thing.

My router is set to do DHCP in the range .100 to .199.  My PC has a
static address set via NM as .10. All static IP addresses (for me) are
in the range .10 to .50.  My wife has .51 to .98. Thus, peace and
harmony are preserved.

Another option is to set a reserved address on the router for your
computer so it always gets .9 and let NM use NetworkManager. That's
probably the way I should have set up my network, but I'm too lazy to go
back and fix things.

   Ok, so there's nothing I can do without changing my system address
   assignments which began before I started using NetworkManager. I
   will just assign the NM address manually.

   It works either way but I like to see the device names I have
   assigned in the DHCP client list and when it assigns a new address I
   lose the name, it's blank.

   Thanks for the help.




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