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On Mon, Jul 09, 2012 at 08:48:09AM +0200, Heinz Diehl wrote:
> There are a lot of filters; maildrop, mailfilter.. Though procmail
> seems not to be maintained anymore, I'm using it, because I have
> experience in writing procmail recipes and have been using it all my
> life. You can feed your mail into perl/python/whatever-scripts
> directly from procmail. 
> My incoming mailchain is fetchmail -> procmail -> perl/CRM114 -> mutt.
> F*ck me, writing all this makes me realize that I'm getting old :)

For those who have 'simple' (mostly text) mail needs I can
still recommend mutt.

At work it was handy to filter and stream incoming mail into
diferent mailboxes and I used fetchmail -> procmail -> mutt in
a postfix context.

Now I am retired I have simple mail needs and I just use the
built in pop3 and smtp facilities of mutt.
And nothing beats mutt in ease of use and versatility once you
are used to it.


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