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Am 06.07.2012 03:08, schrieb Robert Myers:
> Not only can't you spell, but apparently you can't read.  Either that,
> or you have no regard for accuracy when making claims as to what
> others have said.  I have never said that you can't run Flash on
> Fedora.  Historically, though, just as with NetBIOS, it has been a
> pain of the kind that is apparently heaven for some kinds of computer
> weenies.  It isn't for me.  On Ubuntu, NetBIOS and Flash run right out
> of the box, which they never have for me on Fedora.

so just use ubuntu and be happy

needing Flash out-of-the-box is a meaningless argument because
if you are not willing to learn how to add a yum repo and type
with one command and install flash with a second one you
have really bigger problems

did you also complainto microsoft that flash
was not installed out-of-the-box? no? why?

NetBIOS  is this the UDP crap of samba which i am blocking
since more then 10 years on each windows/Linux/apple machine?

usually you have only few samba-servers and instead this crappy
NetBIOS smb://ip-addr/ or \\ip-addr\ is wokring everytime and
everywhere - why in the world should i want to boradcast running
services in the whole network?

people who are using the server are knowing where they are and
all other people do even not know that they exists

nobody said fedora or linux at all is teh right OS for you
sol why do you think it must be bascially designed for you?

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