Re: Fedora 17, not possible to add kernel parameters to GRUB 2

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On 07/01/2012 11:48 PM, agraham wrote:

I've installed F17 (in a VM) and on first boot, it is not possible to
modify any kernel parameters. There appears to be 2 problems:

Note: 1. I've never actually logged in to the VM.
2. no updates have been done
3. I've connecting to the VM via tigervnc client

Problem 1.
On the very first boot, at the grub 2 to menu, I press 'e' to edit grub,
but I cannot move the cursor to the "linux" line because it is always on
the wrong position, so you cannot see what you are editing.

Problem 2.
Making any changes to the kernel parameter line (locks up grub) and
requires a hard boot.

I would assume that these basic tests must have been tested as part of
Q/A so I must be doing something wrong

I know I can boot the machine and manually configure grub2, but the
above should work "out of the box" from the first installation of an F17
ISO image.

Any suggestions.



I've just logged in an did yum update "grub*" and power off and restarted the VM and the _same problem exists_.

Can anyone confirm this?

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