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On 30 June 2012 22:49, JD <jd1008@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I used k3b to copy the image of an audio cd.
It produced files like

These are the audio tracks in .WAV format, which any media player should be able to play.  Alternatively you could transcode them into FLAC (lossless compression), OGG format (lossy compression), or some other format to save some disk space.
and it also produced a file simply with the title of the audio cd,
and without extensions and it is 803066400 bytes large.
$ file 'Into The Unknown'
Into The Unknown: data

The file is quite larger than the 704MB max (with overburn)
that a CD can hold. This file is 100MB larger than that.

Larger than a data CD, not than an audio CD.  Audio CDs are stored in sectors of 2,352 bytes, where as data CDs put 2,048 bytes plus some checksum data into the same sector space.  K3B has generated a raw dump of the CD including the checksum data, rather than stripping it out. 

So, how can I use this file? I was hoping it would be in
a format that could be used by any of the plethora of
media players in linux.
mplayer failed to open it.

I'd say your best path would be to delete it, and then transcode the .WAV files into your audio format of choice.


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