Re: ping problem

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On 06/25/2012 02:54 PM, JD wrote:
> On 06/25/2012 12:22 AM, Ed Greshko wrote:
>> On 06/25/2012 01:21 PM, JD wrote:
>>> fc16 with latest updates.
>>> Pinging my gateway:
>>> $ ping
>>> ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted
>>> Now as root:
>>> # ping
>>> PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
>>> 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=3.53 ms
>>> 64 bytes from icmp_req=2 ttl=64 time=2.65 ms
>>> 64 bytes from icmp_req=3 ttl=64 time=2.83 ms
>>> When was this change put in place?
>> It hasn't......  I say this since everything works just fine for me on my fully
>> updated f16 system.
>> Assuming you have the default LS_COLORS defined when you do "ls /bin/ping" you should
>> see it listed in black on a red background.
>> If not, something has *been* changed.
>> Now /bin/mount is in white on a red background which indicates the suid bit is set.
>> I forget what black on a red background means.
>> I suppose the easiest way to fix the issue would be to....
>> yum reinstall iputils
> $ alias ls
> alias ls='ls --color=auto'
> $ ls /bin/ping
> /bin/ping
>  appears in green color on white background. My gnome-terminal's profile is setup
> to have a white background.
> $ ls -l /bin/ping
> -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 39344 Nov 10  2011 /bin/ping
> No suid.
> $ lsattr /bin/ping
> -------------e- /bin/ping
> Should I run relabel when system boots next time? has nothing to do with the label....  And the command I gave earlier was

You want....

[root@f17 tmp]# getcap /bin/ping
/bin/ping = cap_net_raw+ep

to show the "capabilities". 

I suggest reinstalling iputils as I said earlier....

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