Re: An apology is required from me

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Then you should also apologize a second time for making unnecessary disparaging remarks about Gnome-3.4.

Necessity and accuracy are largely orthogonal, and the fact that his disparagement was unnecessary didn't render it inaccurate.

This Gnome bashing is becoming extremely tiresome.

Your fatigue would largely have been avoided had the Gnome developers proceeded differently. So perhaps you should complain to them. ;-)


I am grateful that there is no serious problem with Linux in this thread. Interesting that the conversation revolves around "Do what I say".
As I understand it to date the devs say:
"Go away", rightly so,
and "Put up or shut up", again rightly so.
$boring = 10;
$Interesting = 0;
if ($boring =>1) stop; fi
if($interesting=<0) stop; fi

Forgive my coding errors

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