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On Sat, 2012-06-16 at 16:16 +1000, Roger wrote:
> After all the hype, problems and dislikes with Fedora 17, I am 
> interested to know is it worth fresh installing over Fedora 16 or would 
> it be best to wait a month or so?

Don't do it!  A fresh install works reasonably well, but there are a
*lot* of painful bugs in the upgrade process.  Most of them are related
to incorrect upgrade process for specific packages, and almost all of
them are things that we should have caught in beta but didn't for
unknown reasons.  Just because there is a workaround should not mean
that the product is therefore suitable for release.  I've filed about 5
of the bugs now, and there are at least a dozen reported by others that
will leave you very, very frustrated.  None of them are total blockers,
but most of them require research and work to get around.

After upgrading one machine from 16 to 17, I've decided not to do the
others.  It feels like the F17 release is basically just a halfway point
to F18+, and seems to break more than it fixes.  It has little in the
way of usability improvements, and is mostly infrastructure and dev
changes to maybe get ready for F18.  A direct upgrade from F16 to 18
would seem to be the better course in 6 months time.

Of course, ymmv, and you may be wildly ecstatic about F17 for some weird

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