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Am 16.06.2012 13:03, schrieb Heinz Diehl:
> On 16.06.2012, Reindl Harald wrote: 
>> system:  x86_64
>> browser: x86_64
>> plugins: x86_64
> Fedora 17 x86_64:
> [root@wildsau etc]# cat /etc/fedora-release
> Fedora release 17 (Beefy Miracle)
> Firefox 64-bit, Adobe Reader (en) 32-bit, no nspluginwrapper:
> [root@wildsau etc]# rpm -qa | grep -i "firefox"
> firefox-13.0-1.fc17.x86_64
> [root@wildsau etc]# rpm -qa | grep -i "adobe"
> adobe-release-i386-1.0-1.noarch
> AdobeReader_enu-9.5.1-1.i486
> [root@wildsau etc]# rpm -qa | grep -i "nsplugin"
> [root@wildsau etc]# 
> Every .pdf I load directly from Firefox is shown perfectly.
> Am I just too stupid, or what do you mean?

show you about:plugins

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