Re: Power-off stupidity remains in Fedora 17

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Ankur Sinha wrote:
> I just don't like random folks venting on mailing lists.

What, exactly, is it that you're doing?

> If you haven't learnt yet, venting does nothing. It doesn't bring
> any changes. All it does is waste infra.
> From F18, you'll have your poweroff back.

>From where I'm sitting, that looks like venting *did something*.

> What I'm suggesting is that you move to Windows/Mac if no DE in
> Linux works for you. I'm sure you won't fork a DE to customize for
> yourself if you can't install an extension or use alt. LOL.

This is a far less constructive comment than suggesting that Gnome
restore a basic feature to their desktop environment.  Please stop
venting.  You are wasting infra.

It's disappointing to see such combative, hypocritical, and
unprofessional messages from a "" address.  If
you're going to end a message with "LOL", you might want to consider
using your personal account next time.


Matthew Roth
InterMedia Marketing Solutions
Software Engineer and Systems Developer

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