Re: fedora 17 hates me

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On Sun, 10 Jun 2012, Michael Hennebry wrote:

The only thing that seems to have gone right is the install.
I managed to do an install without media, even though at
the time I didn't have grub2 and the instructions assumed that one did.
I went by the F14 instructions.

The first thing I noticed is that grub.cfg is 477 lines long.
There is a header that is 75 lines long.
I think the part associated with my new Fedora 17 is 148 lines long.
The installer picked up on several other OS's.

The Windoze actually boots and runs.
My old Fedora 14 does not.
It seems to boot.
It fills in the ice cream cone with the finfinity symbol.
The it stops.  No mouse or any offer to let my log in.

The new install could have messed up the boot options for Fedora 14. I suggest you check they are still reasonable and compare them with previous grub configuration files if you still have them. They could have the wrong options or could be trying to boot against the wrong partition.

	Michael Young
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