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On Sat, 09 Jun 2012 10:40:48 -0700, JD wrote:

> On 06/09/2012 09:06 AM, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> > On Sat, 09 Jun 2012 08:57:06 -0700, JD wrote:
> >
> >> Is rpm broken?
> > No.
> >
> >> # rpm -qv --whatrequires libmapi libzeitgeist
> >> no package requires libmapi
> >> no package requires libzeitgeist
> >> # rpm -e libmapi libzeitgeist
> >> error: Failed dependencies:
> >> is needed by (installed) php-mapi-7.0.7-1.fc16.i686
> >> is needed by (installed) php-mapi-7.0.7-1.fc16.i686
> >> is needed by (installed) pam_mapi-0.1.1-1.fc16.i686
> >> is needed by (installed)
> >> zeitgeist-datahub-0.7.0-2.fc16.i686
> >> is needed by (installed)
> >> gedit-zeitgeist-2:3.2.6-1.fc16.i686
> > Pay extra attention to what is display in the "Failed dependencies"
> > section. These packages don't depend on "package names" but on library
> > names.
> >
> Please re-read the dependencies.
> Not all are just lib names.

*All* in above quote are versioned library SONAMEs.
These are automatic RPM dependencies Fedora packagers prefer over
explicit dependencies on package names.

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