Re: bug on fedora 17: login screen doesn't show up

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On Wed, 2012-06-06 at 22:24 +0800, Fajrian Yunus wrote:
> hi all,
> asking for help. whenever i start my computer, by the time i
> (supposedly) reach the login screen, i'm only shown the background
> image, WITHOUT the login box. i can see the background image
> (fireworks image), i can see my mouse cursor, and i can move my mouse
> around. but the login box is nowhere to be found. HOWEVER, if i make
> my computer sleep, then turn it on again, immediately the login box
> shows up and i can login without problem. i reinstalled my fedora 17,
> it's still like this. interestingly, when i install my fedora 17 as
> virtual machine (i use kvm), the problem doesn't show up at all.
> any help is appreciated.
> thank you :D

That kind of sounds like your computer is starting up believing that
there are two monitors attached (and that login should be happening on
the *other* one), but sleep and wake properly resets the detection.

I could be completely wrong, of course, but seeing the login background
without the prompt is what happens to me when I boot my laptop attached
to the monitor but forget to have the monitor tuned to the right
input :)

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