Re: Red Hat Will Pay Microsoft To Get Past UEFI Restrictions

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JD writes:

I lost you guy!
I mean I do not understand how the creation of a single linux distro
signature authority for all linuxes, undermines whatever MS does to secure it's OS.
Are the two necessarily mutually exclusive (i.e. they cannot both be used on
dual or milti-boot systems?

This has been explained in this thread before.

It is logically impossible to have a so-called "secure-boot" for both a free OS and a non-free OS on the same platform. Since, by definition, a free OS allows unrestricted access to the hardware, a free OS can then be trivially used to bypass any secure boot hardware restrictions for a non-free OS.

Secure boot is worthless to Microsoft, if Linux is able to use it. This is a provable fact. Therefore, no matter what the current drivel in Microsoft's published literature says right now, Linux will be denied access to "secure boot" hardware, in its final form. Microsoft will make sure of that.

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