Re: Red Hat Will Pay Microsoft To Get Past UEFI Restrictions

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On 06/02/2012 07:24 PM, JD wrote:
On 06/02/2012 10:08 AM, Joe Zeff wrote:
I sure do! The only PC's I've ever owned that were pre-built were
laptops. I'm not a hardware geek, but one of my friends is, and when
it's time to upgrade, we get together, buy parts and he puts them
together. I pay him with a tank of gas and a good, home cooked dinner
because among other things, I'm a cooking geek.
Thiebalt... What anattitude: "Do we care about them"...
I to, like Joe Zeff, have assembled my dektops from bits
and pieces that I could afford and were the best at the price
I was willing to shell out. I think there must be thousands
of nerds like us out there.
But what do you care....
This is a first step of building a tyrannical system....
After the first step, the screws get tightened even further...step by step.
Always try to find who stand to make bug bucks from initiatives like these.
It's all about control and through control, charge fees and get filthy

Um, I think you're missing the point guys. I, too, assemble all my personal machines myself, and I find this not being a problem for me as I use Linux. Since we're on a Fedora mailing list, I kind of assumed we all were.

However, I admit I should have formulated this very differently, especially since my next paragraph is about realizing this also affects hypervisors.

And I apologize to the people who dual-boot whom I have unintentionally ignored. I did dual-boot for a long time too by the way (ever tried to make Microsoft's LDM friends with grub1?).
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