Re: Red Hat Will Pay Microsoft To Get Past UEFI Restrictions

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I think people are forgetting that ARM is an important platform also. It will become more important as time goes on. If there is a big push to tablet or netbook computers towards ARM, then this is a huge problem.
ARM will not allow the ability to disable or re-provision keys like the x86 counterparts. Rather than wasting time supporting it we should be finding an alternative that does not mean one central authority (namely Verisign - a USA company) controls all of our systems, no matter what the platform. We would all rather not have ARM based desktops, servers, or tablets having the same "root", "unlock bootloader" and "jailbreaking" mentality applied that the current generation of mobile phones have.

Red hat should put putting its weight behind coreboot, and investing in having systems that COME with Fedora pre-installed. Stop wasting time in the replacing the Windows market, this is something that is fairly non-existent. Even my friends, I tell them about linux, and they are very skillful with computers but have no intention to use anything that is not pre-installed on their system.

Many of os would rather go back to the 90s than bow down to Microsoft signing requests. If we cannot install Linux on our systems then we have something to fight about and something to guide us.
This is similar to the WINE philosophy, if WINE for Linux did not exist then many people would be forced to make more native applications for Linux rather than assuming "oh well it works in WINE therefore we do not need to bother".

This is going down the route of SSL again, a flawed system where by which companies are allowed to make money out of pointless certificate signings, and then do not even protect their certificates well enough.
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