Re: Built in SD card reader problem

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> Anything above 2GB (or newer than 3 years) is SDHC (High Capacity) which
> is a small evolution of SD.  However, some old card readers cannot do
> Early on, there were several types of controllers on SD cards (yes,
> there is a tiny controller with software on all storage cards).  Not all
> card readers could read all types of controllers.  That has since been
> pretty well settled, but is your laptop or card reader over 3 years
> old?  Or was it a $6.00 special?  If either, it may in fact have some
> limitations that you would not expect.
> Have you 'googled' your part number to see if it can do SDHC, or have
> you done many > 2GB cards before and have they all worked?
> Have not seen this issue for several years, but I have seen it before.
> Good Luck!

Ahh thanks!

As I said in my first posting, I have never previously used the card
reader in all the time I have owened the Dell PC. I actually can't
remember exactly when I bought the PC (which suggests that it was probably
more than 3 years ago) so I guess that is the answer.

I have tried googling the information that lsusb gave me:
TEAC Corp. All-In-One Multi-Card Reader ID 413c:2003 Dell Computer Corp
But I have not yet been able to find anything definative.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I guess I have two choices
the next time I need to write the disk image for the Pi: 1) buy an
external card reader or 2) keep using my work windows laptop (strangely,
also a Dell and also >3 years old - But I guess it is simply a different
type of card reader).

Thanks again.


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