Re: dracut in kernel-3.3.5-2.fc16.i686 and kernel-3.3.6-3.fc16.i686 fails to mount root

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On 05/26/2012 01:25 PM, JD wrote:
The pertinent failure message in both of these kernels is:

[ 29.653980] dracut Warning: No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found [ 29.654857] dracut: + emergency_shell No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found
[   29.654966] dracut: + set +e
[ 29.655231] dracut: + [ No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found = -n ]
[   29.655359] dracut: + _rdshell_name=dracut
[   29.655443] dracut: + echo
[   29.655512] dracut:
[   29.655593] dracut: + echo
[   29.655661] dracut:
[ 29.655880] dracut: + warn No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found
[   29.655984] dracut: + check_quiet
[   29.656096] dracut: + [ -z yes ]
[ 29.656353] dracut: + echo <28>dracut Warning: No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found [ 29.656613] dracut: + echo dracut Warning: No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found [ 29.656860] dracut: dracut Warning: No root device "block:/dev/disk/by-uuid/03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4" found
[   29.656981] dracut: + source_hook emergency
[   29.657169] dracut: + source_all /lib/dracut/hooks/emergency
[   29.657278] dracut: + local f
[   29.657426] dracut: + [ /lib/dracut/hooks/emergency ]
[   29.657590] dracut: + [ -d //lib/dracut/hooks/emergency ]
[ 29.657794] dracut: + [ -e //lib/dracut/hooks/emergency/ ] [ 29.660236] dracut: + . //lib/dracut/hooks/emergency/

The system then drops into the shell.
Bug ID 822792 at is about this problem.
However, I am stuck booting kernel-3.3.4-3.fc16.i686 which does not have this problem. I have received no further updates on this problem, which might be unique to my laptop??? I have also uploaded to the bug the full log of dracut and a file output of rpm -qa in order
for the devs to see which package might be the culprit.

So, I looked a little further, and found the cause.
The UUID in /etc/fstab was created by the clean install of fc16 from DVD.
That uuid is


whereas dracut in the 2 kernels  that are failing to mount root, thinks
the uuid should be 03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4

fstab contains the line

UUID=03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4 / ext3 defaults 0 0

as stated above, kernel kernel-3.3.4-3.fc16.i686
has no problem mounting root with uuid 03f82b3c-5163-465b-a4c3-3bcb349a1cc4 So, I guess I will save old fstab, recompute the blkid of all devices in fstab
and reboot.

blkid /dev/sda2 yields the same id that
kernel-3.3.5-2.fc16.i686 and kernel-3.3.6-3.fc16.i686
are unable to mount.
So, it seems a different uuid was generated and placed
in the boot/grub2/grub.cfg file when the update was done.

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