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On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Steven Ulrick <meow8282@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello, Everyone
> Going off the suggestion that someone made about Emacs having issues
> with resolving hostnames, I grabbed the SRPM of emacs from Rawhide,
> changed a line that said "resolv=no" to "resolv=yes" and rebuilt it.
> When I updated to those newly build RPM's of Emacs and attempted to
> see if the problem was still occuring, I discovered that the problem
> is fixed!
> I accidentally grabbed the Rawhide SRPM of Emacs.  So, for kicks, I'm
> going to try rebuilding the Fedora 16 SRPM of emacs with NO changes
> whatsoever, and then I will try rebuilding the Rawhide version again,
> this time NOT changing "resolv=no" to "resolv=yes"  This way I will
> find out if the change I made really had anything to do with fixing
> the problem...

Hello, Everyone
The results were interesting:
1. Rebuilding emacs-24.0.97-1.fc18.src.rpm and changing "resolv=no" to
"resolv=yes" results in my problem being fixed!  Emacs works perfectly
for me rebuilding this SRPM with the noted change.
2. Rebuilding emacs-24.0.97-1.fc18.src.rpm and NOT changing
"resolv=no" to "resolv=yes" results in my problem NOT being fixed.
3. Rebuilding emacs-23.3-9.fc16.src.rpm does NOT work for me at all.
Making the same changes referred to in points 1 & 2 above results in
me still having the same problem with Emacs that I've had for a long
time now...

So, I guess I will keep running the Emacs that I got by rebuilding
emacs-24.0.97-1.fc18.src.rpm and changing "resolv=no" to "resolv=yes"
in "configure"

Thanks to everyone for your time and advice,
Steven P. Ulrick
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