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On 05/22/2012 02:56 PM, John Horne wrote:
On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 17:19 -0700, JD wrote:
When I take my laptop to starbucks or McDonalds hot spot,
even when sitting outside, bitrate never is below 54mbps,
sometime is as high as 72mb/s


Reading through your messages, you have now said two things:

1) You used an RTL card and got the same problem;
2) Using the laptop elsewhere (starbucks) and it works fine.

To me both of those tend to indicate that the WLAN card is okay, but
perhaps your router (or at least something else) is causing a problem.
The RTL card would have used a different driver than the Atheros.
Of course. The external rtl usb wifi adapter uses the
rtl8187 driver. So, I really doubt the linux driver is
behind this fixation of bit rate. All I am saying is that
I did not have this problem when I was on F14.
Perhaps something above the low lever driver is at
work here, either wext driver or wpa_supplicant
application. I found no settings on the router which
would set the bitrate per wifi client. The other 3
clients are all at 54 Mb/s.

You also said that the card worked fine with F14. Although the ath9k
driver will most likely have changed between F14 and F16, that wouldn't
explain why it works fine at starbucks or why the RTL had the same

I would say take a look at the router to see if anything unusual is
happening there.

I have heard before that sometimes dropping the router/card to 802.11b
or g can resolve odd problems with 802.11n cards. (Something like
'iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M') Obviously the speed will not be the best, but
possibly better than 18Mb/s :-)

Finally, if the driver really looks like a possibility, then you could
run 'modinfo ath9k' to see what options the driver takes. It may have a
debug option to cause further messages to be written to dmesg. Actually,
checking dmesg may be a good step anyway (something like 'dmesg | grep

(FYI, I have an Atheros USB card which uses the carl9170 driver. The
card is 802.11bgn, but my router is only 'b' or 'g'. I get a fairly
consistent maximum 54Mb/s :-) )
I will look to see if the ath9k and the rtl8187 drivers have
debug options that can be turned on. If they do, then I
will have to recompile my kernel.

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