Re: Dialup users and keeping a system updated

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On 21/05/12 07:49, Ed Greshko wrote:

When asked if this is OK, say No.  Should then get a line that reads something
similar to...

yum load-transaction /tmp/yum_save_tx.2012-05-21.14-46.yuA8Tw.yumtx

Take the yum_save_tx.2012-05-21.14-46.yuA8Tw.yumtx to the system with the fast
connection and run...

yum load-transaction /tmp/yum_save_tx.2012-05-21.14-41.O26_49.yumtx --downloadonly

The files are saved in /var/cache/yum/i386/16/updates/packages  (more or less)

You can also say where to download the files:
yum load-transaction /tmp/yum_save_tx.2012-05-21.14-41.O26_49.yumtx --downloadonly --downloaddir=/where_you/want_to/save_the_files

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