Re: Upgrading F14->F15 on x64 - system freezes during cleanup

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On Sat, 19 May 2012, Joe Zeff wrote:

On 05/19/2012 01:44 PM, Max Pyziur wrote:
 My current dilemma is trying to rescue the upgrade on this machine. Can
 you help with that?

I had an "upgrade" from F14 to F16 hang. Can you boot into the upgrade kernel again and let it try again? You'll probably have to do lots and lots of cleanup afterwards (I sure did!) but it may get you past this stage.

I can't boot into any sort of installed kernel.

I can use the rescue mode of the Installation/Upgrade CD.

I get three choices; when I run the fakd diagnostic this is the output:
Selecting fakd  Run diagnostic
Running diagnostic
Starting the Threads
Do the work!
[LOCAL] INFO: You are running the firsaidkit as root. (Task interpreter)
[LOCAL] INFO: Plugin information... (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO: name:Grub , version:0.0.1 , author: Joel Andres Granados (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO: Provided flows : set(['diagnose', 'fix']) (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO:  Using diagnose flow (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO:  depends on: root, filesystem (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO: Initializing the search for all the grub related elements. (Grub) [LOCAL] INFO: Searching for grub related files in the system storage devices. (Grub) [LOCAL] INFO: An error has ocurred while searching for grubs elements. Error: list index out of range (Grub)
[LOCAL] INFO: Running step prepapre in plugin grub ... (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO: prepare is current step and pyfirstaidkit.returns.ReturnFailure is result of that step (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO:  Running step clean in plugin grub ... (Plugin System)
[LOCAL] INFO: clean is current step and pyfirsaidkit.returns.ReturnSuccess is result of that step. Plugin System
Waiting for the Threads
Press enter to continue


When I select the shell environment, I can do
chroot /mnt/sysimage

From there I can see my old partions and move around.

I rebuilt the /var/lib/rpm data (rm -f __db.*; rpm -vv --rebuilddb).

I think that my best bet is to try and continue via yum.

I've done this once or twice before a long time ago.

I vaguely recall that this begins with download the Fedora 15 Release rpm. However, I don't see any clear instructions on ow to do so in the Wiki.

Much thanks.

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