Re: Fedora 16 continously rebooting

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On Saturday, May 19, 2012 08:07:20 am Alan Cox wrote:
> > This is where the strangeness started. I was able to boot it back, but
> > then it keeps rebooting after the boot process is done.
> First thing I would do is boot the live CD image<...>
> Also see how stable the box i running the live CD.
> If it's stable running the live CD I would take a hard look at your real
> disk with chkrootkit etc and see its rebooting due to a misinstalled
> trojan or similar, ...
> Clearly also try booting older kernels off the boot menu.
> If it isn't stable running the live CD you may have a hardware problem,
>, but on most laptops
> removing the battery for 10 minutes does the trick.

Hi Alan,
Thank you for the suggestions. I already have daily automated backup, so I 
guess in worse case scenario I can re-install clean. It's just I have many 
software and configuration I compiled myself (this is work laptop I use for 
development) so it'd just be a bit of a pain to do it (and try to avoid it).

The laptop is running live CD stable. I have tried booting off all the older 
kernels I have. I have tried removing the battery for several hours. All of 
those without success. 

The only thing I haven't checked is chkrootkit, as I think it's rather 
unlikely: I'm behind firewall most of the time (at work and at home), it's 
always updated, and other precautions, but I'll try to check it anyway.

Is it not possible that anything in the software somehow is causing this ?


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