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Dear folks,

For the past week or so, I have a machine running Fedora 16 and X worked fine till a week or so ago.  I have started in level 3 and relabeled everything(in case Selinux has a problem), but machine still hangs when starting up.  I start in level 3 and type startx and I get Fallback mode (Gnome 3).  If I start in gui mode I get a hang and cannot get to X.  Sometimes I am lucky to get X.  However booting with enforcing=0, X comes up with no problem.  

I have relabeled filesystem two times already and this continues to happen.  

Smolt Profile in case it is important


I welcome ideas suggestions and comments.  I am hitting this bug on a daily basis as my students use this machine for school work and it is not working well.  My students are upset at me, because I have to add the extra enforcing=0, when things should just work.

Best Regards,

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