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> On Mon, 30 Apr 2012 19:39:19 -0400
> jonetsu <jonetsu@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've tried the Anthy German keyboard that I use to write French
> although it's not at all like the regular Linux German keyboard.  Even
> though it shows 'German' when pressing Alt+Shift, it is still a qwerty
> keyboard, not a qwertz.  And no shift keys in sight to produce
> accentuated letters.  Seems English as usual. I did a quick search on
> Anthy layouts but most if not all topics are related to Japanese.
> It'd be useful to have a description of all the layouts available.

I stand corrected, but I don't think, they are "Anthy [...] layout",
i-bus uses (some of) the default keyboard layouts (command: xkblayout)
available with your distribution. 

These are my setting, maybe it helps you?
My OS language is "en_US", the notebook is Japanese (Keyboard "ja").

Additional input:
I use ibus to input Japanese & French (as second languages)
Input method (tab):
- Japanese-Mozc
- French-French (Canada)

- Use system keyboard layout [checked]
- System keyboard layout ja,ca
Note: French-Canadian is the closest of the "en_us" layout (else,
there is the Swiss-French), both are QUERTY -- I won't comment how
French always need to re-invent the wheel [keyboard layout,
counting, ... ]

Keyboard option:
French-Canadian keyboard (only)
- Key to chose the 3rd level > Right Alt
You need that to get some signs (e.g. "@"), see:

These are my settings. I am not sure if they are best, but they are
working well for me. Others can comment.

I have one notebook with an "en_us" keyboard, there is no
zenkaku/henkaku, hanken/muhanken, and kana key. 
I rely on i-bus shortcuts, when I input Japanese.  I would remap those
keys if I was using the notebook more, see:

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