Re: mount -t nfs4 fails, but mount -t nfs succeeds

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On 04/26/2012 02:45 PM, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> Can anyone explain this?  How can it be fixed?  Do some services need to
> be started on the server?
> The server is "weather".  This log is from the client:
>         # mount -t nfs weather:/home/jonrysh /mnt/weather
>         # ls /mnt/weather
>         Desktop  Documents  Downloads  Music  Pictures  Public  Templates  Videos  grub2
>         # umount /mnt/weather
>         # mount -t nfs4 weather:/home/jonrysh /mnt/weather
>         mount.nfs4: mounting weather:/home/jonrysh failed, reason given by server:
>           No such file or directory
>         # 
> Thanks in advance - jon

NFSv4 works very differently from previous versions.  You should be able
to Google up plenty of documentation.

The key point is that you can't just switch between v3 and v4 without
reconfiguring things.

Ian Pilcher                                         arequipeno@xxxxxxxxx
"If you're going to shift my paradigm ... at least buy me dinner first."

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