[X-post] Fedora Tour is in need of web developers!

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Hello folks!

Well, the title says it all. Fedora Tour[1], which we recently decided
to make a web application needs web developers. Ironic eh? The thing is:
none of the current Fedora Tour team members have ever done web
development before. We’re learning, but the changes with HTML5, CSS3 and
Javascript have really steepened the learning curve for us. At this
time, we’d like an established web developer to come in and help us
reduce the learning time and get down to the implementation as soon as

- Are you a web developer? 
- Do you have some free cycles? 
- Do you want to work on a brand new, *awesome* project? 

** Give us a shout today!!

You can either catch us on #fedora-tour on Freenode, or you can ping us
on the mailing list[2]. I’m around on quite a few fedora IRC channels,
so you can also catch me personally if you want.	 My nick is

The wiki page[3] for fedora tour contains all the info you’d need.

Note: This is only an announcement mail. Please do not reply to it.
Contact us instead!

Ankur: "FranciscoD"


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