Faxing via LibreOffice Writer to Hylafax not working

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I am trying to fax from LibreOffice Writer to a Hylafax fax server. Here is what I did:

1) install the client portion of Hylafax (I used Hylafax+ 5.5.1).

2) run faxsetup to configure the client's fax portion
# faxsetup -client -verbose

3) as root run spadmin:
# /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program/spadmin

4) add a fax printer with the following command
/usr/bin/sendfax -D -f me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -h -n -s a4 \
   -d (PHONE) (TMP)

5) open LibreOffice Writer, create test doc

6) add Fax icon to toolbar via Customize Toolbar -> Add -> Documents -> Send Default Fax (at the end)

7) click on Fax and...

Nothing happens while I should get a dialog asking for the fax number (this used to work in the F14 days with OpenOffice.org). When I start Writer from the command line I see this error in the terminal:

sh: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('
sh: -c: line 0: `/usr/bin/sendfax -D -f me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -h -n -m -s a4 -d (PHONE) (TMP) 2>/dev/null'

Now here's something weird. If I select File -> Printer Settings -> Fax printer -> Properties -> Device -> Printer Language Type and select "Postscript (Level from driver)", click OK and OK and then select File -> Print I actually get the dialog asking for the Fax number.

Anyone have an idea how I can make the Fax icon in the toolbar work too?

Thanks for any advice.

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