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> Since it has been two days with no response, and this kind of reminds
> me of a problem I had several months back ...
> > We have a multi-workstation network, with several nodes running F16/XFCE
> > on remote-mounted home directories.
> Is the remote mounted home directory for the affected user accessible?

Yes, quite happily on all the machines around the network.

> > All users can log in and out without any difficulty except one.  This
> > user gives name and password but then freezes indefinitely.
> Can the user log in non-X11 via ssh or on a virtual console? How about
> logging in from a different box?

Yes, a text console login and ssh from another machine both work fine.

> > 'ps' shows a variety of tasks running, but nothing
> > appears on screen except the standard wallpaper; time is present but
> > nothing else.  Running are startxfce, xfce-session, etc.
> How about xfwm4?

Yes, that appears to be running, state 'S'

> > User can be cleared by "kill -15 <startxfce-pid> and other users can
> > then log in.
> Are other users blocked on the one box or all over the network?

No-one else can get a graphical session on that box because the graphical
console is taken with the stalled session, but console logins are still
fine and other users can freely start graphic sessions on other machines
on the network.

> Have you tried the brutal method of deleting the caches or the xfce state?

No - how do I do that?

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